“Transferring Merit and the Perfection of Wisdom” by Don ShuShu

“Transferring Merit and the 37 Prerequisites for Enlightenment“ by Don ShuShu

“Vows and Merits” by Master Jiru

"Refuge and Precepts Retreat" by Master Jiru

"Noble Eightfold Path - Right Mindfulness" by Master Jiru

Witnessing a New Project at MABA

"Noble Eightfold Path - Right Action & Right Livelihood" by Venerable Kongyan

"Noble Eightfold Path - Right Intention" by Xiankuan Don ShuShu

"Noble Eightfold Path - Right Speech" by Xianzhi Katty

"The Fourth Noble Truth - The Noble Eight Fold Path" by Venerable Kongyan

"The Third Noble Truth - Nirodha or Cessation of Suffering" by Xiankuan Don ShuShu

"The Second Noble Truth - Causes of Suffering" by Xianxing Sherrie

"The First Noble Truth - Dukkha or Suffering" by Master Jiru