Witnessing a New Project at MABA

"Noble Eightfold Path - Right Action & Right Livelihood" by Venerable Kongyan

"Noble Eightfold Path - Right Intention" by Xiankuan Don ShuShu

"Noble Eightfold Path - Right Speech" by Xianzhi Katty

"The Fourth Noble Truth - The Noble Eight Fold Path" by Venerable Kongyan

"The Third Noble Truth - Nirodha or Cessation of Suffering" by Xiankuan Don ShuShu

"The Second Noble Truth - Causes of Suffering" by Xianxing Sherrie

"The First Noble Truth - Dukkha or Suffering" by Master Jiru

(10 episodes) Dharma Lectures by Master Jiru (Satipatthana Meditation Retreat)

Kāyagatāsati : Mindfulness of the Body - Master Jiru

Satipatthana 7-Day Meditation Retreat - Class of 2017

(Chinese) 2017 Pilgrimage to MABA - Photo Collection

Master Explains "The Triangle of 'Balance of Mindfulness'"